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Celebrate Christ is Born !

We Celebrate Christmas !

Christ is Born!   Glorify Him!
Razdajestsja!  Slavite Jeho!


God is with us! God is with us! Give ear, O you nations!  Be humbled, for God is with us!”

As Catholics, we continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus in the days following Christmas.  We are reminded during this time between Christmas and Theophany (Epiphany) to remain joyful in celebration as we reflect on the amazing gift that our Lord Jesus brings us.  He came to us in total humility with love, in the ultimate goal of salvation and redemption for all people everywhere.

Now that pre-Christmas distractions all but have ended, we have this peaceful time to envelope ourselves in the hopefulness which the Christ Child offers.   This can happen only if we allow ourselves to be so directed by the Holy Spirit.  But if we are not careful, we might become sidetracked now by the post-season distractions, the frenzied rush to grab up more of everything, and in the process, totally miss the holiness of this very special time.

Our guide to staying in the moment can be found in the familiar stories from the bible. The Wise Men were single focused and intent upon finding Baby Jesus, the real treasure.  And they would not allow anything to lead them off course.  Or to give up in the months their quest to glorify Our Lord must have taken.  We might consider ways to find the treasure of the Christ Child in these days also.  Whether through extended quiet time, inspirational music, prayer, spiritual reading, or a short reflective minute in the middle of the day, enlightenment comes to us when all is calm, all is bright.   And all that Jesus in the form of a little baby really wants from us is simple, and yet so challenging:  Cradling him close to our hearts and offering ourselves as a gift in return.

Keep Christ and Christmas in your heart and soul – alive and renewed!   Christ is Born!  Glorify Him!



Royal Doors – Annunciation; Nativity Icon on the tetrapod (table); Theophany Icon (Christ’s Baptism) right side altar

Christmas Carol:                   Angels From Heaven

Angels from heaven came to you shepherds; Have no fear! Have no fear! Hasten to honor Him, born near in Bethlehem; Offer gifts, though poor and small.
There in a manger, you will behold Him, Son of God, Son of God.  Child whose humility, veils his Divinity, our true Savior, Christ the Lord.


Merry Christmas from the parishioners of St. Michael and St. Nicholas parishes!