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Called: The Ordained Priesthood


God knows and calls each by name.

Holy Spirit Stained Glass

In His love for all people, Christ calls those he chooses to represent Him, anointing and conferring upon them the special graces of the Holy Spirit for service in the consecrated life of apostolic ministry; and in the same love He has for all, accompanies this calling with the peace and joy realized in being spiritually united in Christ.

God grants faith, desire, and knowledge to those he entrusts to be sharers in His Master plan.

A plan that includes preaching the Truth with the unending goal to bring souls to heaven.

A plan to serve as visible gift of sacrifice, acting in person of Christ, to bring living water to the thirsty, to administer the mysteries of God in the Sacraments of the Church.

A plan to teach, to guide, to heal souls.

Answering the call to the priesthood or diaconate is complete and trustful cooperation with the will of God.

In this building up of God’s Kingdom, God grants to those called the courage and resolve to challenge all to rise from a faith of complacency to a faith that seeks more; for all to die to sin; for all to live as Christ calls each person to live: that is, to strive in our daily struggles, encounters, and circumstances to be Christlike.

We offer in return for the many prayers our priests offer for others, our support, and prayers of encouragement for them and their families.  We extend our prayers to all who are ordained (including our deacons) – who have heard and responded to the call in the important work of the Church.  We invite all faithful to remember the importance of praying for new vocations to the priesthood, and to strengthen the foundations of faith among all parishioners and especially families.

Most importantly, we pledge our support in daily prayer to mold our parishes into amazing parishes filled with amazing people of God!

What better gift than all praying and supporting each other as we appreciate the ways we are blessed and strive continuously for holiness each and every day.


In gratitude from our two parishes, may God bless our pastor, Fr. Andrii Dumnych.
Fr. Andrii has been in service to the Glory of God with Ordination to the priesthood since July 10, 2011.

†  Image: (Symbol of Holy Spirit) Portion of the choir loft stained glass window at St. Nicholas Church, Swoyersville, Pennsylvania – sister parish to St. Michael Church, Pittston, Pa.  Image may not be reproduced, copied or used in any publication.