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First Sunday of the Great Fast

Interparish Sunday Lenten Vespers: Sunday of Orthodoxy


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On this first Sunday of the Great Fast, it is traditional for children from the catechetical classes to take part in a procession with the holy icons of the church.

On this one Sunday, Eastern churches commemorate the Triumph of Orthodoxy (Orthodoxy meaning True Faith), the moment in history in the year 843 when the liturgical use of icons was restored. The use of icons in churches had been erroneously banned for several years at that time.  The leaders of the early church held fast to their faith and beliefs against those who sought to undermine those beliefs.  The lesson is that truth always triumphs when believers persevere, even when there are challenges and obstacles, and that ultimately it is God who triumphs over all.



Video and Photos are from the Vespers Service and the procession of icons on February 18, 2018 when St. Michael Church, Pittston served as a host site.  This was the first of five Sunday Vespers, an annual Lenten observance held each week at different Byzantine Catholic parishes in the Wyoming Valley.

In addition to St. Michael Church, the Byzantine Catholic parishes participating included: St. John, Wilkes-Barre Township; St. Mary, Wilkes-Barre; St. Nicholas, Swoyersville, and St. Mary, Kingston.

We are blessed by all who assist in these special services, including all of the priests, deacons, religious, cantors, altar servers, parents and their children and look forward each year to continuing this Lenten tradition.