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For Vocations

Prayer For Vocations¹

Heavenly Father, your Divine son taught us to pray to the Lord of the harvest to sent laborers into his vineyard.

Now we earnestly beg you to bless us with many priests, deacons, monastics, and religious who will fervently love You and who will gladly and courageously spend their lives in service to your Son’s Church under the guidance of your Holy Spirit.

We pray that their lives may always be centered on your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and that they may be devoted sons and daughters of the ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God, in making You known and loved and that they may attain the blessedness of heaven.

Bless our families and our children and choose from our homes and our parish those whom you desire for this holy work.

Strengthen them that they may respond with humility, patience, and obedience to your loving will.

We ask this through the mercies of your only-begotten Son, with whom You are blessed, together with your all holy, good, and life-creating Spirit, now and ever and forever.  Amen


Commitment Prayer²

Almighty God and Father, I beseech You as one who seeks your guidance.

You have called me to do your will in this world along with all of your servants in many different vocations.

As I seek your will, I ask for the humility, patience, and obedience to endeavor on true Christian discernment.

Bless me and all those who are discerning a path in life and grant us deepening faith and peace on this journey.

I open myself up to your Word so that I may truly become one of your disciples.

In your plan for me, never let me forget the love and service that I am called to give to my neighbor.

Bless your Church with good priests, deacons, religious, monastics, married couples, and other dedicated individuals.

Through your grace I commit myself to doing your will and to praise of your holy name, always, now and ever and forever.  Amen.


¹, ² Credits: Prayers are from the Pilgrim Vocation Icon Program of the Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.