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Our Fallen Heroes

memorial-day-600x400If you are aware of any other members of St. Michael the Archangel Byzantine Catholic Church  who died while in active military service, please contact our parish to let us know.

See also the Memorial Garden at St. Michael’s Cemetery, Duryea.

Visit the Memorial Garden honoring all veterans everywhere, those who died in the line of duty, and those designated as P.O.W’s and M.I.A.    Click here to view

Members of St. Michael Church,  Pittston Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in World War II

Sam Cigan
Frank Legezdh
George Evancho ¹
John Minzak
Peter Evancho ¹
John Roman
Peter Golya Andrew Smutko
Joseph Hetro Frank Sovin ¹
Nick Krivka John Stegura
Andrew Kundla John J. Stegura
Steve Kundla Michael Whah

¹  St. Michael parishioners who are buried on foreign soil in the Netherlands American Cemetery.   Click here to see Video

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