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Thank You Everyone !


Thank You to all who came, shopped, sampled our homemade food and helped make our Flea Market & Ethnic Food Weekend a success.   It was a delight for many of us to speak with our visitors and welcome you to our annual event.

We say thank you to those who stopped by for the very first time in simply seeing our sign out front, or seeing one of our ads.   And we have a special thank you to our visitors who have been coming back year after year, nearly as long as the Flea Market itself, with compliments on our piggies, pierogies (pirohi), and other good food.

It’s special to hear how much you enjoy the food and we can assure you it’s made with care for that reason.   So we thank you for your generous support and compliments.  May God bless each of you!


Thank you to everyone who donated items, volunteered time and talent above and beyond in so many ways, and worked for the betterment of our parish in a spirit of generosity and charity.

From those who worked with preparation (weeks and hours of work) to all who answered the call to give time, labor, and physical assistance during the weekend event itself. You worked hard at the various stands and service areas, in the kitchen, with cleanup and more, and we cannot say thank you enough.  Without your help none of this would be possible, and it is evidence of how much you care that our church remains both visible and viable.

Your support and active involvement is important to our parish and future direction.   Your help is most appreciated, not just by your pastor, but in service to God and others of faith in action.  May God bless you in your own needs and be your support!

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2016 Saturday Opening Day:  Patrons and Father Gary Wave a Happy Greeting


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