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Presanctified Liturgy: Selections


O JOYFUL LIGHTIMG_2769 (705x800) edit 3

O joyful Light ~ of the holy glory ~ of the Father Immortal ~ the heavenly, holy, blessed One, O Jesus Christ ~ now that we have reached the setting of the sun, and see the evening light, We sing to God ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is fitting at all times to raise a song of praise in measured melody to You,O Son of God, the giver of life.  Behold, the universe sings Your glory.


Selection from Week 1

O holy Apostles, fervent intercessors for the world
 and defenders of the Church Interior 075 efaithful,
because you have the boldness
to intercede for us to Christ our God,

we beseech you that we may pass
 this good season of the Fast untroubled
and receive the grace of the consubstantial Trinity. 
O great and glorious preachers, pray for our souls.

Selection from Week 2:

O Mother of God; David the Prophet and Forefather of Christ, foretold in song the great things that would happen to you.  He revealed that you would be a queen standing at the right hand of God; and that you would be the Mother of Life and intercessor for the world.  He prophesied that God, in His good will toward all, would become incarnate of you without a human father.  Thus He would restore His image within us, which had become disfigured by our passions.  He would seek out the lost sheep that was trapped in the hills; He would lift it upon His shoulder and carry it to His Father Who would place it in the midst of His heavenly hosts.  In like manner, Christ will save the world out of His great and abundant mercy.

Selection from Week 3:

Like the prodigal son I have turned away from Your grace.  I have wasted the riches of Your goodness.  I now run to You, O compassionate Lord, and I cry out: “I have sinned, O God, have mercy on me.”

Selection from Week 4:

The Fast which produces virtues has now run half its course. These past days have proved beneficial, and now we see the need of the days which are yet to come, for the growth in goodness will lead now to yet more abundant fruit.  Therefore, let us beseech Christ our benefactor, who fasted for us and endured the Cross: “Grant that we might share in Your divine Pasch without condemnation and pass our lives in peace, worthily glorifying You, Father, Son, and Spirit.”

Selection from Week 5:

When Moses shone with with the grace of abstinence, he beheld the glory of God.  Strive to imitate him, my humble soul, for the Lord stretched out his hands on the Cross in goodness toward you.  Serve Him by prayer and fasting and good works, that you may receive the divine joy.

Selection from Week 6:

O Lord, Your voice destroyed the dominion of Hades, and the word of Your power raised from the tomb one that had been dead four days.  Lazarus became the prelude of the salvation of rebirth.  All things are possible to You.  O Lord and King of all.  Grant Your servants cleansing and great mercy.

Holy Monday:

When you came to Your Passion, O Lord, You strengthened the faith of Your disciples.  You took them aside and said to them, “How can you have forgotten what I told you?  According to Scriptures, it cannot be that a prophet should be killed except in Jerusalem.  The time of which I spoke is now at hand, for I am being betrayed into the hands of sinners.  They shall mock me and nail me to the Cross and deliver me up of burial. With loathing they will see me as a corpse.  But be of good courage, for on the third day I will rise, bringing joy and eternal life to the faithful.”

Holy Tuesday:

O my soul, you have heard the condemnation of him who hid the talent. Do not hide the Word of God.  Proclaim His wonders and increase the gifts given to you, and enter into the joy of your Lord.

Holy Wednesday:

While the sinful woman brought oil of myrrh, the disciple came to an agreement with the law-breakers.  She rejoiced to pour out what was very precious, while he hastened to sell the One who is above all price.  She acknowledged Christ as Lord; he cut himself off the the Master.  She was freed; but Judas became the slave of the enemy.  His lack of love as grievous, but great was her repentance.  Grant such repentance to me also and save me O Savior, who has suffered for our sake.


Ambon Prayer

O Master and Ruler of all, You created everything in wisdom, and through Your great goodness and providence beyond human thought or comprehension, You have brought us to these most holy days for the purification of our souls and bodies, the mastery of our passions, and the hope of resurrection.  During forty days, You gave Mose, Your faithful servant, the tablets of the Law inscribed by Your Divine hands.  Good Master, grant that we also may fight the good fight, finish the course of the fast, and remain in the true faith.  Give us power to crush the heads of invisible serpents by conquering sin, that without reproach we might worship Your holy resurrection.  For blessed and glorified is Your most honorable and majestic Name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever.  Amen.


Sequence of the Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Prayer of St. Ephrem
Psalm 103
Litany of Peace
Antiphon Psalms
(Wednesday: 119, 120, 121, 122, 123)
(Fridays: 124, 125, 126, 127,128)
(Mon/Tues/Thurs 129, 130,131, 132, 133)
Incensing &  Psalm 140, 141, 129
Stichera & Hymn: O Joyful Light
Prokeimena & 1st Reading (Genesis)
Blessing with Candle “The light of Christ enlightens everyone”
Prokeimena & 2nd Reading (Proverbs)
Evening Hymn: “Let my Prayer Ascend to You Like Incense”
Litany of Supplication
The Great Entrance “Now the Powers of Heaven”
Litany of Offering
The Lord’s Prayer
Prayer Before Communion
Litany of Thanksgiving
Ambon Prayer