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Milestones June 2020

It’s June 2020 and we have reached two milestones.   First, you are invited to visit the new Facebook page of our sister parish, St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church, Swoyersville, Pennyslvania.  You can find it here at this link:

Facebook Page of St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church, Swoyersville, Pennyslvania 

Be sure to watch live streamed Eastern Catholic (Byzantine rite) Liturgies from St. Nicholas church.   Periodically there will also be news specific to the parish.   Live stream liturgies will follow the routine parish schedule of services:  Sundays at 11 am and additionally as announced.    Please remember to like the new page to get St. Nicholas’ site off to a fresh start.

Our gratitude goes to Fr. Andrii, pastor of St. Michael Church, Pittston and St. Nicholas Church, Swoyersville.   Fr. Andrii independently and technically manages the live streaming from both churches.  Thank you especially to the St. Michael team of Deacon Larry, altar server Carl, cantors Diana and Donna, sexton Michael, church secretary Linda and our media managers for their reliable service during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.   Our parishioners stayed connected through the teamwork of all.


A second milestone is the fifth anniversary of our St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church media outreach with our website and Facebook page.  Yes, to everyone who still hasn’t believed …. we do have a website !

Appreciation for building and managing both and media communications in general goes to St. Michael’s tech team (Mary Anne, Nancy, Heather, and Fr. Andrii).  An online presence puts our parishes on the map resulting not only in visibility within our local community but extending around the globe!  We cannot believe it has been five years already for our church website and Facebook page.  These serve as public affirmations of our Byzantine Catholic faith, and honor the call to the new evangelization, the renewal for all faithful to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Listed below are some interesting statistics for the website of St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church since its inception in 2015.  The site was developed for the parish 100th Anniversary.

As of this posting, the site has a cumulative 83,689 hits from 102 different sovereignties including Vatican City (not listed).  Also seen below are the top 50 pages visited.

Visits to St. Michael’s Website from Countries over a Five Year Span
(In order of frequency by column, left to right)
Countries that have visited St. Michael Website
Most Visited Pages During Last Five Years  (by column, left to right)

Top 50 pages visited

What are we commanded to do as Catholic Christians and believers?
  Jesus is clear on this in Mark 16:15 not long after his resurrection with these words —
  “Then he told them: ‘Go into the whole world and proclaim the good news to all creation.’ ” 
How?   In our words, actions, and behavior.  The time is now!