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River Blessing 2018

SUNDAY – JANUARY 28 , 2018
Nesbitt Park, Kingston, Pennsylvania


With the serious problem of an ice jam and potential flooding of the Susquehanna river only days prior to our scheduled river blessing, our concerns turned to our community and away from our goal of continuing with this event.  Even as the threats eased, the amount of ice in huge boulders and blocks left along the banks of the river and other factors made it far too dangerous to proceed.     

In response, our prayers also turned to all those living along the river, many of whom included our friends and parishioners, and to everyone living in the potential flood zones.  River flooding and threats of flooding are very stressful events for communities in our area, and historically, for those who have experienced, witnessed, or lived the impact of each event.   Our focus turns to prayer for all who are ever affected and for future protection of all.

In every need such as this, we thank all who serve in emergency management, disaster relief and preparedness, law enforcement and all first responders, and public officials for the important assistance they give during this time.  We thank also all volunteers and workers who serve in any other way to assist, including local media for their role in communication.

Our focus is on prayer for everyone dealing with the aftermath of the ice jam or flooding and the anxiety that had been created by the threat of flooding.  Photos (taken January 21, 2018 and January 28, 2018) in West Pittston, Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, conditions worsened on January 24.  Enormous blocks of ice were left along the banks of the river after rising and then falling as the river receded.  Damage occurred, but the majority of the area was spared.  Click on any photo to open slide show view.

The following are from our 2017 River Blessing.  To see a photo slide show and learn about the tradition of river blessing CLICK HERE to the River Blessing Page on our site.






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