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SUNDAY    JANUARY 28 , 2018
CANCELLED for 2018
Nesbitt Park Boat Launch, Kingston, Pa

CLICK HERE to see photos showing the severe ice jam on the river in Jan 2018


With the recent unpredictability of ice jams in the river, we were very
concerned about continuing with this event .  Even as the ice jam threat has lessened at this time, it is far too dangerous to proceed.  Our prayers were and continue to be for all those living along the river and in other potential flood zones.  River flooding and threats of flooding are very stressful for everyone in our area, and our focus at this time is on prayer for all who are affected in any way, and for future protection of all.  

We especially thank all workers in emergency management,
disaster relief and preparedness, law enforcement and all first responders, and public officials for the services provided during this time.  We thank also those volunteers and workers who served in any other way, including our local media broadcasters for their role in communication.












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Blessing the water that will be intermingled with the river.  In addition, a blessed ice cross will also be tossed into the water.




Susquehanna in Pittston (1024x647)

A view of the Susquehanna in Pittston looking south.  A tranquil river in late summer.