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We Thank You

For supporting St. Michael Church (Pittston, Pennsylvania) 25th Annual Flea Market / Ziti Dinner / Ethnic Food Fest


Our 2022 Annual St. Michael Flea Market Weekend came to a close Sunday, August 7th.  And this year marked a milestone because this event began 25 years ago (not counting the pause during 2020).  

It is a landmark also as a symbol of the perseverance and dedication of St. Michael’s parish members.

A church sponsored flea market was a novel idea 25 years ago in our community.  At the beginning, it was unique; even “untested”, to undertake as a church fundraiser.  It didn’t fit the model of the usual bazaars that mark the arrival of summers in NEPA.  

And so, we offer our kudos to the parish’s initial planners and supporters for giving it a try, and to everyone who has been able to help through the years.  That includes many, and with the passage of time, memories of all who have been a part of this. 

Twenty-five years is a very long time when you think about it.  A lifetime for some!  So it’s amazing to think about, and to think of how things have changed during these years.  But one thing hasn’t changed, and that is appreciation to our parish members and our community of friends.


So once again, we thank foremost, ALL volunteers, those old and young, those seasoned over time and first timers, all who contributed in ways big or small.  We understand the value of your time.  It all matters.  

Our Appreciation extends to EVERYONE  —-  and this  includes:


♥    The patrons who come back year after year.   Our good neighbors and faithful friends come for the food (that’s oh so good) and to shop. You are a blessing to us. We are moved by your unfailing support.  We enjoy serving you and sharing conversation with you, and for your willingness to brave the standard August heat!

♥    The drop-in shoppers/visitors who “take a chance” for the first time to enter our doors and are pleasantly surprised.  We can only hope we met your needs satisfactorily and returned the value of your time with us.

♥    The Day One bargain shoppers – the scouters of “good stuff” who patiently wait in line for the opening doors on Saturday.  We hope you found just the surprise treasure that made your day!

♥    The volunteers who gave up any part of their  time, day or night, hours or weeks of hours, or a precious weekend “off”.  May you find some rest in the weeks ahead, knowing you served your church well.

♥    Our food team volunteers who labored in the kitchen with prep, cooking, and endless cleanup.  And those hardy souls frying and grilling outdoors.  Where would we be without the great food you create for all to enjoy?  You are our success makers!  (Take a bow for the “piggie” magic and more! )

♥    Our senior volunteers helping in different ways and valued for their fortitude and dedication.   We pray that God may answer all their prayers.  We pray that others, especially younger may be moved to follow their example, in love of God and love of our Eastern rite.  In the face of challenging demographics, this is critical.  We also thank those who in their practice and presence, understand the urgency of this need for our future together.

♥    The volunteers who are not members of our parish of St. Michaels, but help on behalf of a friend who is.  We also thank volunteers and supporters from our sister parish of St. Nicholas, Swoyersville!  You are a part of our family and get a heartfelt hug in oceans of gratitude.  You are a role model for others.

♥    Let’s not forget other roles played by volunteers: the behind-the-scenes folks who also make it happen:  the bakers, flea market “pricers”, organizers, errand runners, setup, donors of supplies, and on and on.

We thank everyone.

May God bless you all.