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We Thank You: 2019 Annual Flea Market


To everyone who made our 23rd Annual Flea Market and Ethnic Food Event such a great success, we say THANK YOU

Our event was held on Saturday, August 3rd, and Sunday, August 4th

We thank each volunteer who together with all volunteers in determined effort made it possible.  No event such as this is achievable without the combined teamwork to the benefit of all.  Everyone applied their particular skills, knowledge, talents, energy, and time when and where needed.  For this we are beyond appreciative and impressed by your commitment to St. Michael’s.

We sincerely thank our community at large who support us with their presence.  These are the many visitors from near and far, new and familiar friends, dropping in for the first time or making their visit an annual event also.  We are grateful and humbled by your compliments on our ethnic food (yes, all the ethnic food really is amazing!).  We thank you for shopping for treasures, dining, and returning year after year, or on day two for more of everything !  It was great fun meeting and serving everyone!

In return, we offer our prayers of blessing to all — volunteers and visitors and all who donated — and to your families and friends for health, well-being, and happiness in gratitude for your charitable kindness.  †  MAY GOD BLESS ALL!

See Photo Gallery for additional photos

View of Iconostasis and Sanctuary area with Icon of the Sign above altar

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