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We Thank You

21st St. Michael’s Annual Flea Market/Ethnic Weekend

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Our 2017 annual St. Michael Flea Market Weekend came to a close Sunday, August 6. Whether you were a patron or a volunteer, we at St. Michael’s say THANK YOU ! 


We appreciate you!  

And we sincerely mean that!

Who are the people who made a difference?


Here’s a partial list :

♥    The patrons who come back year after year.   Our good neighbors and faithful friends come for the food (yes, it’s that good) and to shop. You are a blessing to us. We are moved by your show of support.

♥    The drop-by shoppers/visitors who “take a chance” for the first time to enter our doors and are pleasantly surprised.  We can only hope we served your needs satisfactorily and returned the value of your time with us.

♥    The Day One bargain shoppers – the scouters of “good stuff” who willingly wait in that long line for the opening on Saturday.  We hope you found the surprise treasure that made your day!
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♥    The volunteers who gave up any part of their free time, day or night, or even their precious weekend “off” for their church. May you find some rest in the weeks ahead, knowing you served your church well.

♥    Our food team volunteers who labored for hours in prep and cooking.  Where would we be without the great food you create for all to enjoy? You are our success makers!

♥    Our “senior” volunteers (especially those 70 plus) who are willing and able to help even though they deserve to say they’ve done enough; they understand every available volunteer is needed, and respond in kind.   Our prayers are with you in every challenge you face.

♥    The people who don’t even belong to St. Michaels, who volunteer … beyond what they are obligated to do! You get a heartfelt hug and our prayers of gratitude.  You are a role model for all of us !

♥    Every other role played by volunteers: the bakers, flea market “pricers” and organizers, the errand runners, setup, donors of supplies, and on and on.

We thank everyone.

May God bless you in the role you served.  

Because in the end, it’s all about serving others and serving God.