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Great and Holy Week 2017

Will you be journeying with Christ?  Great and Holy Week refers to the final six days before the feast of Easter or “Pascha” as it is called in Eastern Churches.   There are many important services during this week.  When we take the time to attend some or all, we make the journey with Christ in his Passion to the cross and ultimately to His glorious Resurrection.

Great and Holy Week is a journey of redemption: of forgiveness of sin through sacrificial love given freely to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for all who place their hope and absolute trust in Him. 

Attending Holy Week Liturgies and services is a chance to reflect and consider all that Jesus did for us.  Our quiet time and walk with God is a real source of grace.  It is an opportunity to allow God into our hearts, especially when we are open to His grace amidst all the busyness that so often steals our focus away from Him.   We grow closer to God also with reception of the Sacraments and with the spiritual enrichment obtained from increased prayer and reading or hearing Scripture during this most sacred week.

Plan to schedule some time as you also prepare for Pascha.   Together, we can fully rejoice all the more as a parish family in triumphant praise on blessed Pascha.

See the calendar below.

Descriptions of Holy Week services can be found on this website.

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