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Our Special Moment in Time

Celebrating our 100th Anniversary is a special moment in time for those of us fortunate enough to witness it.   In 1990 our church was rededicated for it’s 75th anniversary.   And while that doesn’t seem that long ago, consider the changes in our society and world that have occurred during the last twenty-five years.   Consider the changes that occurred in your life in those same years.

If you can dare to imagine what life was like back in time, consider the hardships and sacrifices made by the founders of our church and those parishioners who worshiped here during the early years.   Truly their dedication and foresight in establishing a parish is why we are able to worship in freedom here today.

We face many different challenges today than our grandparents of years past did.  And while we are blessed with all kinds of modern conveniences, technology and information, perhaps our challenges today have less to do with the basics of survival, than our survival as Christians faithful to the values of our parents, grandparents, and to our church.    During this year of our celebration, let us all take a moment to say a prayer for those who came before us, who paved the way with their time and labor.   And let us promise to grow in our personal faith by seeking opportunities to expand our knowledge through many available opportunities, including those in our own church; and most importantly, to grow closer to God.

This is why we celebrate.  This is why we worship together.

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