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Prayers for Ukraine

Beneath your compassion, we take refuge,
Oh Virgin Theotokos.
Despise not our prayers in our needs,
But deliver us from dangers.
For you alone are pure, and blessed.


Prayer for Ukraine and End to War

Lord God, you are Great and Almighty.  We your repentant children turn to you with humble hearts, bowing low before you.  We seek your intercession and protection upon the nation of Ukraine and its people, who in this time of war upon them are enduring ever-present threats to their safety and well-being.  Anchored in their unwavering faith in You, shield the people of Ukraine from all harm arising from the darkness and evil directed towards them.

We implore the Holy Spirit to intervene in the conversion of those who have no mercy or light within them, and who distort your teachings and laws.  Lord, you reminded us that in faith, nothing is impossible.

God of all creation, you reign in sovereignty over all people. We pray that leaders of all nations exercise wisdom in their decisions and actions.  We pray that both their intellect and consciences may be directed towards peace, protecting and valuing all life, supporting freedom, human dignity, and not towards personal gain or prestige.  We pray for an end to war and all conflicts caused by greed, envy, and pride, all of which permeates the minds of those who deceive themselves by their own lies.

Lord, you commanded us to follow the greatest of all commandments, that we are to love one another.   We offer ourselves in prayer, fasting, and charity for the people of Ukraine.  Our hearts are broken also, for people everywhere suffering the effects of war and oppression.

We pray in intention for the sake of all humanity, most especially in obedience and love to do your Holy Will.

May Our Most Blessed Theotokos, Our Mother of God, spread her mantle of protection over all her faithful children.  May Mary’s Immaculate Heart guard the hearts of all who assist and persevere in every manner in the battle against the ultimate enemy whose aim is the ruin of souls.  May St. Michael, glorious prince of the heavenly hosts, be the defense of all good people against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  Lord, may all people who live in Truth find rest and comfort in Your promises.

We offer these prayers in your holy name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.