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How We Serve/ 2

My Journey as An Altar Server – Michael Cherasaro

I started altar serving in 2007 when I was only 5 years old under Father Scott Boghossian in St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Church.  It was only about 2 weeks after I started I stopped serving because I was too young.  So I waited until I was 8 years old when I began Altar serving once again  This time, under Father Joseph Bertha. After that, I continued altar serving and still am today, so far almost 7 years.

What Altar Serving is Like

Altar serving is and has been an interesting experience. Altar serving is kind of like having backstage passes at a concert because you can see everything that’s going on. It’s also a great first step if someone is interested in becoming a priest or a deacon, as you get to see what they do first-hand.

What Do Altar Servers Do?

Altar servers are an important part of the church because they help things run better and more smoothly. Altar servers light up incense and bring it to the priest, carry the kadillo (incenser), candles, and a cross as needed; open doors, ring bells, and help the priest in other various ways.

How Altar Serving Has Affected Me

Altar serving has changed my life and affected me positively in a spiritual way. I feel that through altar serving I have drawn closer to God and have grown to be a better person than I would be if I wasn’t altar serving. It is an honor to serve on the Altar of God, and I’m planning on serving for many years to come.