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Calendar of Events


PIGGIE   &  HALUSKI   SALE that was held May 18 & May 19 at St. Michaels Church, Pittston

Thank You to all who supported this valued fundraiser !  It was a great success !


June 23
First Annual day long Catholic Women’s Conference “Refresh Your Faith”, held at the University of Scranton, Pa

July 5-8
Byzantine Youth Rally: Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pa

July 17 – 26
Solemn Novena in honor of St. Ann & Byzantine Divine Liturgy, Scranton, Pa

August 4-8
Altar Server Camp, Carpathian Village, Canadensis, Pa



Parishioner  Prayer Volunteers Needed

Pilgrim Icon : Pray for Vocations

Pilgrim Vocation Icon (375x284).jpg

Vocations are the result of the Christian Community actively engaged in prayer that “the master of the harvest will send out laborers for this harvest.”

Placing faith and hope in this command of the Lord, all Byzantine Catholic Churches in America began a Pilgrim Vocation Icon Program on Sunday, September 24th.

Each week, the icon travels to a different household of the parish. The family or individual accepting the icon for a week agrees to pray during that time for vocations to  the priesthood, deaconate, or consecrated life.

Everyone in the parish is invited to have this icon in their home for a week of special prayer for vocations.

For more info, or to volunteer to help, please contact Fr. Gary


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