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Current Guidance for Parishes of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic
Issued May 26, 2021

Our Bishop has issued a revision to pandemic guidelines in the statement that follows.   As levels of COVID-19 infections change, government authorities and associated healthcare agencies are lifting many of the strict restrictions that have been in place over the past year.  However, it should be noted many advisements remain in place for continued practice and prevention.  Most are standard healthcare measures that in normal circumstances are common sense or social norms.

Beginning Friday, May 28, people in the congregation are not required to wear a mask. People are free to wear a mask for personal protection or as a courtesy to the vulnerable.

Beginning on Saturday, June 5, the dispensation from attending the Divine Liturgy in person is revoked within the Eparchy of Passaic.   Watching a livestream does not fulfill the obligation to attend the celebration of the Eucharist.

Just as before the pandemic, the faithful may be relieved of the obligation for a serious reason with examples listed below.