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2021 Liturgy Schedule for Holy Week & Pascha

We welcome our parish family and friends to join us spiritually during this holiest of times.  In Great and Holy Week we embrace with sorrow our Lord Jesus, suffering for us in His Passion to the cross.  On Pascha (Easter) we rejoice in the awesome love of His promises fulfilled in His Glorious Resurrection.  It is the Feast of Feasts, the most important day of the year for all Christians.  We sing with joy!  We hope your heart will be moved by grace to participate in person or online in some or all of the beautiful Liturgical services this week.

Important change to Basket Blessing at St. Michael’s, Pittston:   Paschal Food Blessing (of baskets) will take place IN THE CHURCH on the altar steps and not in the Church Hall.   You will be directed where to place your baskets.  There will be no Paschal Food Blessing at St. Michaels on Holy Saturday afternoon.  There is a Paschal Food Blessing at St. Nicholas Church at 11 am on Holy Saturday.

REMEMBER!  SOCIAL DISTANCING REGULATIONS are still IN PLACE IF YOU ARE ATTENDING IN CHURCH SERVICES :  Unless you are in the same family, you must maintain a distance of no less than 6 feet, and preferably two pews apart from people in front and behind you.  This applies also to social distancing in line to receive Holy Communion, etc.    Also you must wear a mask fully covering your mouth and nose during services.  We do not wish to be known for promoting community spread of COVID, only to be known in spreading the Good News of our Resurrected Jesus Christ.   Locally cases are still prevalent and new variants are a real concern.  We want you to stay safe.  In your charity to others, you help everyone else stay safe.

To Access Live Streamed Services Please Use the Facebook links – on the Welcome Page

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